Round Stool Tom Color Light Brown. Handmade Eco-Friendly Materials Rattan Wicker Home Furniture

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Absolutely New Rattan Wicker Stool Color Light Brown!

Stool Dimensions: 18.0″H x 14.0″W x 14.0″L

Fully Assembled!


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This beautiful and comfortable round stool with rattan woven seat to complement your interior. The seat of the stool is made of rattan weaving thread. Stool durable and lightweight. It can be used as a decorative plant stand for flowers or end table. On the seat cushion will look beautiful.

And all handmade! Please do not stand on the stool legs, you can break through the seat.

Light brown – the color name is literally the word means the color of the crust of the soil. He is one of the most natural and practically everywhere around us. From a psychological point of view, it has a sedative effect, creates a feeling of stability and comfort. The atmosphere is light brown useful to people who spend a lot of time among the bright and colorful. In this atmosphere you can relax from the hustle and bustle.

Rattan furniture will allow You to make your apartment or house is attractive, cozy and stylish. Wicker rattan furniture is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly, which is important in the modern world. Any visitor, once in Your apartment or home, will appreciate all the advantages of these products. A delightful appearance does not detract from the quality characteristics of such furniture. With proper care the furniture as well as from natural and from artificial rattan, will serve You for many years and always happy with his presence in the interior.

Stool Dimensions: 18.0″H x 14.0″W x 14.0″L

Fully Assembled!

The real color of the product may differ from the site depending on the settings of your monitor and photos. All furniture presented here comes from Indonesia. We wish you to find the furniture of their dreams. Rattan furniture does not require additional care, but still it must be remembered that like any other thing, it requires a careful attitude and then he will give you comfort for years to come. Have a good shopping!

Made of High Quality Natural Rattan, Class A!

This is a very popular model. All buyers can not be wrong 😉

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 18 in

New Fully Assembled



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Light Brown

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Rattan & Wicker




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