Repair and Recycling a Rattan Furniture

how to repair and reuse worn rattan furniture and antiques in order to remain attractive as a decor element.

1. Preparation before becoming rattan furniture

To take advantage of rattan before used furniture. The first fiber – fiber is separated and dried to be a flexible material, strong and easy to be used as a material woven furniture. In the drying process, rattan should not be too dry, causing the material is brittle and easily fractured. And if it is still wet, will also be easy tenuous rattan and wicker became uneven. Rattan wet also can invite fungus to grow. Therefore proper drying process is required to achieve an appropriate dry conditions.

2. Fix and Recover worn rattan furniture
If you walk – the road at an antique store and find a little worn rattan furniture, should not hesitate to take him home to be used again. By knowing a few problems on the wicker furniture and how to overcome them, antique wicker furniture will be re-used.

a) Cleaning mushrooms in wicker furniture:
To remove mildew in rattan furniture, take the furniture out of the room. Clean the mushrooms are attached using a fluffy brush to fungus and spores chipped. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the rest – the rest of the debris around the wicker furniture. Concrete surface course with a scrub brush dipped in a bucket of water and bleach mixture. Make sure you use gloves and eye protection in doing so. By using a small brush, scrub the area affected by fungi so that the scar fades.
Take a sponge and dip it into the water. Is used to wipe the entire surface of the cane.
Use a dry cloth to dry the surface and dry with a way back in the wind – aired for one or two days so that the surface can dry evenly.

b) Correcting rattan furniture loose:
Rewind wicker furniture so loose rattan sofa seat can be seen. If loose is part of it’s back, rattan sofa lay loose so that the area is in a horizontal position. Dip a towel in water and then put a wet towel was on the sofa loose. Make sure that the wet towel is not the frame frame to avoid damage. Let this be a wet towel on the sofa loose overnight. Then, lift the wet towel and dry the furniture by way of wind aired. for several days before use.Rattan wet will shrink when dry, which will tighten the loose woods.

c) Tighten loose wicker:
If the wicker loose, tighten each fiber. Use glue types of wood glue at the end of the webbing. Press the ends – ends simultaneously, then tighten again by using painter’s tape if wood glue has dried. You can also untied the basket before tighten.
Then, slowly – land, again woven fiber – fiber rattan but this time with the emphasis that each webbing be close to one another. If it is to end, glue with wood glue and apply painter’s tape so woven tighter and not easily loose again.

d) Paint the wicker furniture to get a new look
If you’ve done some improvements on the wicker furniture rattan wants a new look and fresh use paint or stain. Choose natural colors like brown wood or paint color that resembles the original color of rattan.
Use the sponge brush to paint the – broad sections eg: on the arms, legs rattan sofa, and a frame or support on the rattan sofa.
Then, use a smaller brush to paint ornaments or basket.
If all parts are painted, let stand for some time until the paint dries. You can use a sealer if this rattan furniture will be placed in the outdoor.
Or, use paint waterproof and weatherproof for this rattan furniture.

Important Tips:
On the side using paint with a brush, you can use spray paint to coat the surface of the rattan. After all surfaces painted finish, drain briefly and repeat once again to get the thicker and steady Apply the spray paint may be easier than usual to the surface paint rattan chairs. However, this approach is quite wasteful considering rattan surfaces is not extensive and there are many nets – nets or space in between – between cane fibers that make optimal use of spray paint.