Rattan processing industry development Indonesia

In order to show the best results from the design of industrial products wicker and rattan furniture Indonesia as well as increased marketing promotion and development of national rattan processing industries then held exhibitions Furniture Products Rattan and Rattan Indonesia. This exhibition was followed by manufacturers of furniture and rattan Indonesia, which joined in ASMINDO members and AMKRI.

To improve the competitiveness of national rattan processing industry can be seen from the development of the rattan industry as follows:

1          Potential Raw Material Rattan

Indonesia is the largest rattan producer in the world, an estimated 80% of rattan raw materials throughout the world is produced by Indonesia, the rest is produced by other countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and-state other Asian countries. Rattan producing areas, namely Kalimantan, Sumatra , Sulawesi and Papua with Indonesian rattan potential of approximately 622.000 tons / year.

2          Rattan Processing Industry Development (2003- 2006)

In the period 2003 – 2006, the capacity of national rattan processing industry only experienced an average growth of 0.38% per year or only increased from 545 405 tonnes / year to 551 585 tonnes / year and realization production decreased from 381 784 tonnes in 2003, became 372 761 tons in 2006, or experience growth of average 0.79% per year.

Processed rattan export volume decreased from 193.078 tonnes in 2003 to 17. 782 tonnes in 2006, down by an average of 3.63% per year,but on the other hand its value increased from US $ 359 million to $ 399 million, up an average of 3.58% per year growth of average – 0.79% per year.

Rattan industry, mostly located in Cirebon and surrounding areas.

In the period 2001 – 2004, a good number of companies, production, exports and employment in the sub-sectors of the industry. rattan processing in Cirebon increased, where the number of companies increased from 923 business units into 1,060 business units, production increased from 62 707 tonnes to 91 181 tonnes, exports increased from 32 871 tonnes (worth US $ 101.67 million) to 51 544 tonnes (valued at US $ 116,572 million) employment increased from 51 432 people became 61 140 people. However, since 2005, good production, exports and employment in the sub-sector of rattan processing industry in Cirebon experience a significant decline. And the decline continued in 2006.

Decline in rattan processing industry, both of which occurred on a national scale as well as in the industrial district of Cirebon since 2005 allegedly cause is :

Trade Minister issued Decree No. 12 / M-DAG / PER / 6/2005 on the export of rattan, which allows the export of raw materials and semi-finished rattan cane (coupled with the influx of rattan raw materials abroad illegally), resulting in rattan processing industry in the country is difficult to obtain raw materials in competing countries, especially China and Taiwan growing again at a rapid pace, so grab a share markets and potential export market of Indonesian rattan products.

On the other hand exports of rattan products in China in 2002 was balanced with Indonesia amounted to US $ 340,000, in 2006 has increased 4-fold, while Indonesia as a producer of raw materials wicker rattan product exports decreased activity.

3          Problems faced Rattan Processing Industry, among others

Raw material, marketing, Development Strategy

4          Follow-up Policies

To revive the national rattan processing industry required the support of all parties (stakeholders) to work together synergistically with priority to national interests above personal interests, group or sector.

Need to do a review on the export of rattan contained in the Minister of Trade No. 12 / M-DAG / PER / 6/2005, in order to ensure continuity of supply of raw rattan in the country, as well as improving the competitiveness of the product rattan goods abroad.

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